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XVME-654 VMEbus processor supports 4, 8, 16, and 32 MBEDO DRAM

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functional description:

The XVME-654 PC Compatible with VMEbus processors mod rule is the latest VME PC product from Xycom Automa, a pioneer and leader in VMEbus PC technology. The new design integrates an AM5x86 processor with a PCI-to-VMEbus interface, providing the latest

High-performance VMEbus technology.

At the heart of the XVME-654 is a 133 MHz AM5x86CPU. The CPU’s 16k on-board write back cache minimizes the time the CPU spends waiting for data, speeding up business and multimedia applications . The xme-654 supports 4, 8, 16, and 32 MBEDO DRAM. Additional performance enhancements are provided through the implementation of peripheral components of the PCI bus. PCI bus is the fastest local bus designed for AT systems. It comes with a high-speed video controller, an enhanced IDE controller and an onboard Ethernet controller.


64-bit differential or high voltage digital input

● Each group of 32 inputs are jumper optional monitoring;

Contact closure, voltage source, current dip or differential signal

● Open circuit provides logic zero or jumper optional logic one

● Enter filter options

● Onboard built-in test logic for fault detection and isolation

● Front panel with faulty LED

● User can select input voltage threshold (1.25 to 66V)

● Compatible RS422/ rs485 differential line receiver 7V anti-noise

● 8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit data transfer

● Double European card shape

● High reliability din type I/0 connector

● Compatible with GE Fanuc embedded system series

Intelligent l/0 controller (901x and 906x series)

● Power replacement option

● Software can work with VMIVME-1110

● Optical isolation can be used to suppress ponel; For example, VMIVME 3451. This complies with ANSI/IEEE STD C37.90.1-1982 lightning protection requirements

XVME-654 module has a wide range of applications in industrial automation system, which can be used in data acquisition, process monitoring, control system and so on. It can provide accurate analog signal input and high-speed data transmission, which provides strong support for stable operation and precise control of industrial automation system.

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