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VMIVME2540-300 VME-2540 Intelligent Counter/Controller

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Product Description
The VME-2540 Intelligent Counter/Controller (ICC) is a VMEbus slave I/O module designed to provide high-precision digital measurement and function generation capability for VMEbus systems with a simple, consistent memory-mapped user interface.

RS-422 differential interface with support for single-ended TTL inputs
Options allow configurations of 4, 8, 16, and 24 interfaces
On-board 15 MHz 68HC000 CPU
A32/A24/D32/D16/D8 (EO) VME slave interface, 64 Kbyte VMEbus memory window
Timer/periodic VMEbus interrupter – 0.0076 to 1,000 Hz
Quadrature position measurement – sin/cos up to 1 MHz, 32-bit counters, limit/modulo checking Integer period/pulse-width measurement 16- and 32-bit, discrete or continuous; low data transport lags
Square wave/pulse train generation – 0.0076 Hz to 2.5 MHz
Period/pulse-width measurement 400 ns to 8.5899 x 106s (32-bit floating point), 400 ns to 858s (32-bit unsigned integer)
Event counting – up to 4 giga events
Frequency measurement 1.16 x 10-3 Hz to 2.5 MHz


Product Description
The VMIVME-2540 is an intelligent digital input/output board with a VMEbus slave interface which optionally provides 4, 8, 16, or 24 channels of digital signal measurement and signal generation capability. These measurement and signal output functions are implemented by an array of AM9513A system timing controllers (STC) and associated interface logic. An on-board VMIVME-2540 local CPU (68HC000 Microprocessor) relieves the user from the task of programming the system timing controllers directly by providing a command-driven user interface to perform the board functions. The user configures measurement, timing and output functions for each channel through a simple, memory-mapped interface consisting of commands, command status, parameters, and return measurements.

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TSI : Triconex , HIMA , Bently Nevada , ICS Triplex

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