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VMIVME-7696 High performance industrial I/O module

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The VMIVME-7696 is a high-performance industrial I/O module from VMIC that supports multiple signal types and levels to meet the diverse needs of industrial automation. The features of this module are as follows:

First, the VMIVME-7696 is a dual-board device that provides P2 I/O connectivity and a floppy disk interface for SCSI, IDE, and PC. It features a unique P2 conversion board design for routing SCSI signals to the standard 68-pin Ultra-SCSI-2 connector, enabling efficient connectivity with other devices.

Secondly, the VMIVME-7696 has a series of advanced technical features. It supports screen setting, password protection and anti-copy protection to ensure the security and stability of the device. In addition, it supports up to 1024 functional modules and can be expanded to 10,000 points of input and output to meet the needs of large-scale control systems. At the same time, the VMIVME-7696 can read and write programs to the PLC through the memory card, providing great flexibility.

Furthermore, the VMIVME-7696 performs well in terms of hardware specifications. It has digital input and analog input functions, as well as powerful relay output capability. These characteristics enable the VMIVME-7696 to accurately collect and process various industrial signals for precise control.

In addition, the VMIVME-7696 also supports rail or wall mounting, providing users with a variety of installation options. At the same time, it comes with free software “Yotta Edit” and “Yotta Utility” to make the configuration and debugging of the device easier and more efficient.

In the field of application, VMIVME-7696 is widely used in industrial automation control system, production line monitoring, robot control and other fields. It can help users achieve precise control of industrial equipment and production process, improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Overall, the VMIVME-7696 is a powerful and stable industrial I/O module, which provides strong support for the development of industrial automation with excellent technical characteristics and flexible hardware configuration.

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