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UNITROL1020 UNS0119A-Z,V1 3BHE030579R0001 Voltage regulator

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ABB excitation controller (also known as excitation equipment controller) is mainly composed of exciter (TP), AC contactor (FP), AC driver (DP) and excitation control system (TS). Exciter is one of the most important components of ABB. The excitation controller (TP) is one of the most important parts of ABB (ABB master controller). The ABB excitation controller (TP) converts the excitation voltage into an AC voltage output (IO). The role of the AC contactor (FP) is to release the direct current generated by the ABB master controller by heating the excitation coil below the required operating temperature. Dcf803-0050, 3BHE030579R0006, SDSC-FEX-4, 3ADT314500R1001, PCD230A, UNITROL 1010, UNITROL 1000-15 10401695, UNITROL 1020, UNITROL 1020-0006. 3BHE030579R0003


UNITROL1020 UNS0119A-Z,V1 3BHE030579R0001 Voltage regulator

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The UNITROL 1020 is a voltage regulator in the UNITROL1000 series designed for small and medium-sized synchronous generators and industrial equipment. The UNITROL 1020 combines performance control with a simply designed power circuit.

UNITROL 1020 is a powerful small indirect excitation system with built-in support for dual channels for advanced load distribution, rotating diode monitoring, automatic synchronization and multiple all-in-one communication options in parallel running units.

The UNITROL 1020 is a voltage regulator in the UNITROL 1000 series designed for use in small and medium-sized synchronous generators and industrial machines. IGBT semiconductor devices based on advanced microprocessor technology and allowing current outputs up to 10ADC for continuous operation. The UNITROL 1020 performs high performance in harsh conditions and different temperature ranges and is fully compliant with DNV and UL standards. The additional features of UNITROL 1020 compared to the previous version are Ethernet,USB connectivity, data and event logging and many new features.


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ABB UAD155A0111
ABB PFTL 201C 50KN 3BSE007913R50
ABB PFCL 201CE 50KN 3BSX806232-110
ABB PM891K02
ABB PP D513 3BHE039724R2643

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