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TRICONEX EPI3382 has a broadband input impedance

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The TRICONEX EPI3382 features the following:

Wide input voltage range: The module has a nominal input voltage range of 24 VDC and an operating voltage range between 18 and 36 VDC, which allows it to adapt to a variety of power conditions.
Low power consumption: The maximum power consumption of the module is 10 watts, ensuring a high energy efficiency ratio and helping to reduce operating costs.
Wide operating temperature range: its operating temperature range is between -40 ° C and +70 ° C, and its storage temperature range is between -40 ° C and +85 ° C, which makes it able to adapt to a variety of harsh working environments.
Good relative humidity adaptability: The module has a relative humidity range of 5% to 95% non-condensing, which enables it to maintain good performance under different humidity conditions.
Digital output control: Usually used to provide digital output signals that can control external devices such as valves, actuators, alarm devices, or other industrial equipment. Each channel can be configured independently to control different external devices


The TRICONEX EPI3382 does not specifically have a broadband input impedance as a feature. Instead, it is a digital output module designed for use in industrial automation and control systems. This module offers a range of capabilities and specifications that contribute to its overall performance and reliability.

One of the key specifications of the TRICONEX EPI3382 is its input voltage range, which is nominally 24 VDC and can operate within a range of 18 to 36 VDC. This wide input voltage range allows the module to be used in various power conditions, making it adaptable to different industrial environments.

Moreover, the EPI3382 module is designed with a maximum power consumption of 10 watts, ensuring high energy efficiency. It also operates within a wide temperature range of -40℃ to +70℃, with a storage temperature range of -40℃ to +85℃, making it suitable for use in harsh and variable environmental conditions.

In terms of communication, the TRICONEX EPI3382 supports various interfaces such as Modbus, TCP/IP, and Ethernet/IP, enabling seamless data transmission and control with other devices. This flexibility in communication interfaces allows the module to integrate easily into different industrial automation systems.

While the TRICONEX EPI3382 does not specifically boast a broadband input impedance, its combination of features and specifications makes it a reliable and efficient component for industrial automation and control applications. It ensures precise digital output control and seamless communication, contributing to the overall performance and stability of the control system.

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