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Pepperl + Fuchs HID2030 SK signal transmitter

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Programming and compatibility:
As a programming device, HID2030 is suitable for use with IBM-compatible HOst-pcs, and the software itself can run on operating systems such as MS-Windows 9x/ME/NT4.0.
Application example:
The HID2030 is also an analog input module in the ControlLogix controller family from Allen-Bradley (now part of Rockwell Automation), specifically designed for thermocouple signal input. A thermocouple is a temperature measuring device that works on the principle that two different metals produce a voltage at a temperature difference.
In short, Pepperl + Fuchs HID2030 is a powerful, flexible and widely used signal transmitter in industrial automation.


Pepperl + Fuchs HID2030 Overview

The Pepperl + Fuchs HID2030 (sometimes referred to as HiD2030 or HID2030SK) is a signal transmitter manufactured by Pepperl + Fuchs for signal conversion and transmission. Here are the details and features of the product:

Main functions:
Signal conversion: HID2030 is capable of converting the analog output signals of various sensors (such as temperature sensors, pressure sensors, level sensors, etc.) into standard current or voltage signals.
Standard signal output: It provides standard 4-20mA current output or 0-10V voltage output for easy transmission to monitoring systems, controllers or data acquisition devices.

Features and advantages:
External IO node expansion: Through the CApen network, HID2030 can expand PLC (Programmable logic controller) with external IO nodes, providing users with greater flexibility and scalability.
Support for different hardware platforms: HID2030 can support different hardware platforms and adapt to a variety of different industrial automation environments.
Offline simulation function: For user-specific PLC nodes, HID2030 provides offline simulation function to help users with development and testing.
User-specific parts support: HID2030 supports user-specific parts, allowing users to customize the solution according to their needs.
C program link: By linking user-specific C programs, users can further utilize existing software resources and improve the overall performance of the system.
SYS control component adjustability: The HID2030 has the adjustability of SYS control components, allowing users to flexibly configure and adjust them according to their needs.
Wide range of use: Due to the widespread use of OpenPCS, HID2030 also has a wide range of use, suitable for a variety of industrial automation applications.
Explosion proof design:
Pepperl + Fuchs products are typically explosion-proof in design, and HID2030 is no exception, which makes it particularly suitable for safety applications in hazardous environments, such as the chemical industry, petrochemicals, etc.

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