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SHINKAWA MP-2S Precision mounter

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Product Origin:SwissColor:Brand New

Shipping Port:Xiamen

Mode Of Transport: DHL/FEDEX/TNT/UPS

Warranty: One Year Warranty

Product Origin: Japan

Lead Time: 1-2 Days

Service: 24h Service By Email/Whatsapp/Skype/Wechat

Contact Name: Anne
Telephone: +86 13328779317(Whatsapp)


SHINKAWA MP-2S Precision mounter is a high-performance electronic equipment manufacturing tool that combines high precision, high efficiency and high reliability for a variety of high-precision mounting needs in the electronics manufacturing industry. Here are some of the detailed features and benefits of SHINKAWA MP-2S mounters:

High precision positioning and mounting: The MP-2S mounter uses an advanced visual recognition system and precise mechanical motion control to achieve accurate identification and positioning of tiny components. This ensures the accuracy and consistency of the mounting and improves the yield of the product.

Efficient production capacity: The MP-2S mounter has high-speed mounting capability, which can quickly complete the mounting work of a large number of components. By optimizing the mounting path and reducing refuelling time, it further improves production efficiency and meets the needs of large-scale production.

Excellent stability: The MP-2S mounter uses high-quality materials and components, and goes through strict production process and quality control to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment in long-term operation.

Flexible adaptability: MP-2S mounters have a wide range of applicability and can be adapted to different types and sizes of components, as well as different types of substrates. Through simple programming and setting, it can adapt to different production needs, improving the flexibility and versatility of the equipment.

Intelligent operation and management: the equipment supports automatic refuelling, automatic correction, automatic diagnosis and other intelligent functions, reducing the difficulty of operation and labor costs. The intelligent operation interface and management system make the equipment easier to operate and maintain, and improve production efficiency.

Strong technical support and service: As a well-known electronic equipment manufacturer, SHINKAWA Company provides comprehensive technical support and after-sales service to ensure that MP-2S mounter can get timely technical support and maintenance during use.

Overall, the SHINKAWA MP-2S precision mounting machine is an excellent, stable and reliable electronic manufacturing device that can meet a variety of high-precision mounting needs. It plays an important role in the electronics manufacturing industry, improving production efficiency, reducing costs, and making a positive contribution to the development of enterprises.

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