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KUC755AE105 3BHB005243R0105 Excitation controller system

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ABB excitation KUC755AE105  3BHB005243R0105 controller has the following advantages:

Advanced technology and design: The controller adopts advanced technology and design, has high performance and stability, and can ensure the stable operation of the power system.
Diversified control functions: The controller has diversified control functions, which can meet the needs of different application scenarios, such as voltage regulation and current control.
Easy maintenance and operation: The controller usually has a friendly man-machine interface and remote monitoring function, which is convenient for users to set parameters, fault diagnosis and remote maintenance, reducing the maintenance cost and difficulty.
Strong compatibility: The controller usually supports a variety of communication protocols and interface standards, and can be seamlessly connected and integrated with other devices or systems, improving the intelligence and automation level of the power system.


KUC755AE105 3BHB005243R0105 is an excitation controller, mainly used in the excitation system of synchronous generators. The main function of the excitation system is to provide excitation current to the rotor of the generator to control and adjust the terminal voltage and reactive power of the generator. The KUC755AE105 excitation controller plays a vital role as part of this system.

Specifically, the KUC755AE105 3BHB005243R0105 excitation controller can control the output of the excitation power unit according to the input signal and preset regulation criteria, so as to achieve precise control of the generator terminal voltage. In addition, it has functions such as overexcitation and underexcitation limiter, excitation current limiter and protection device to ensure stable operation of the generator and prevent possible failure and damage.

In addition, the KUC755AE105 3BHB005243R0105 excitation controller also features power system stabilization (PSS). This function can help the power system remain stable when it is disturbed and prevent possible undamped oscillations, thus ensuring the stable operation of the power system.

In general, the KUC755AE105 3BHB005243R0105 excitation controller is a high-performance, high-stability device that can ensure the stable operation of synchronous generators under various working conditions, improving the overall stability and reliability of the power system.

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