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IS200TRLYH1BGE General Electric Loading Control

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Product Details

The IS200TRLYH1BGE is a VersaMax output module made by General Electric Fanuc

Automation. This module has a combined total of 32 output points spread across

two groups of 16. Each output point is discrete, meaning that signals can only have

two states—on or off and open or closed, for example.

The discrete outputs for this module can be positive logic or sourcing types, and

their job is to perform positive load switching to the direct current (DC) power supply

and give power to the loads. This device works in conjunction with a carrier base from

the IC200CHSxxx family.

Brands & Manufacturers:
The products are manufactured by GE (General Electric), which has a broad product line and extensive experience in industrial automation, control systems and power distribution.
Product features:
Although there is no specific description of the “IS200TRLYH1BGE” directly, from the name, it is speculated that it may be related to load control or power distribution. In industrial environments, load control is often used to monitor and control the power consumption of equipment to ensure the stable operation of the system and optimize energy use.
Common features (based on speculation of similar products) :
Configuration and control: May allow users to configure and control device loading parameters based on application requirements.
Circuit protection: May have a circuit protection function to prevent electrical problems such as overload and short circuit.
Communication interface: There may be a communication interface for data exchange with other control systems or monitoring equipment.
Industrial standards: may comply with industrial standards to ensure its reliability and stability in industrial environments.

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