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HIMA H4135A after-sales service & one year warraty

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Manufacture Year:2020

Con 6DS1311-8AEtrol System:H4135A

Application:Nuclear Power Plant

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product description:

HIMA CPU H4135ACentral Module .This CPU(F8650X,F8650) module has the central module of two clocked synchronous microprocessors, microprocessor: INTEL 386EX, 32 bit, clock frequency: 25 MHz, for HIMA system funny processing and control systems


System Safety and availability HIMA’s SIS systems meet the requirements of the SIL3 safety class (IEC 61508) while also meeting the needs of very high availability. Depending on the need for safety and availability, HIMA’s SIS is available in single or redundant device configurations, not only at the primary device but also at the I/O level. The redundant configuration increases the availability of the system, when one of the modules fails, it will be automatically removed, and its corresponding redundant module will keep working without any disturbance to the process.

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