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EMERSON A6120 Input module

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The EMERSON A6120 input module is a device commonly used in industrial automation, where it is typically used to receive input signals from external devices such as sensors, switches, buttons, and so on, and convert them into a format that the control system can recognize and process. Here are some common features and functions of the EMERSON A6120 input module:

Signal reception and conversion: The A6120 input module is capable of receiving various types of input signals, such as analog signals (such as temperature, pressure, flow, etc.) and digital signals (such as switch status, button press, etc.). These signals are processed by circuits inside the module and converted into digital signals that the control system can understand and process.

Multiple input types: Input modules usually support a variety of input signal types, including voltage signals, current signals, resistance signals, pulse signals, etc. This enables the A6120 input module to adapt to different application scenarios and sensor types.

Isolation and protection: In order to enhance system stability and reliability, the A6120 input module usually has isolation and protection functions. This includes electrical isolation, signal isolation, anti-electromagnetic interference and other measures to protect the control system from interference and damage from the external environment.


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