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GE VMIVME1150 Control module

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Function description:

The VMIVME-1150 is a control module from GE with constant and variable torque capabilities. It may have multiple characteristics and application scenarios.

First of all, regarding its storage and operating environment, the VMIVME-1150 can be stored in a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, indicating that it can operate properly in a wider range of ambient temperatures. In terms of power consumption and energy consumption, it may have lower power consumption and energy consumption, such as the maximum energy consumption of 4.6 watts, which helps to reduce operating costs and meet the requirements of energy efficiency.

In addition, in terms of communication, the VMIVME-1150 may support a USB-B interface for data exchange and communication with other devices. This interface typically provides stable and high-speed data transmission and is suitable for industrial control systems that require real-time data interaction.

Regarding the module structure, the VMIVME-1150 may contain a TDI module in a front high slot and an IO module in a full height rear slot. This design provides the flexibility to expand and add or remove modules as required by the actual application.

The VMIVME-1150 control module may have a wide range of applications in industrial automation, energy management, transportation and other fields. It can be used as a core component in the control system, responsible for receiving and processing signals from various sensors, and output control signals according to preset logic and control algorithms to achieve accurate control of the device.


●64 optically coupled digital inputs

● Double 1/O connectors

● High isolation (1kV)

The GE Fanuc 1 VMIC VMIVME-1150 64-bit optically coupled digital input board is designed and optimized for VMEbus. The VMIVME-1150 features high isolation and provides a flexible, low-cost digital input port with high noise resistance.


The controller module consists of at least one controller and a four-slot CPCI rack with one or two power supplies. The leftmost slot must contain the primary controller (slot 1). A single rack can accommodate a second, third, and fourth controller. During storage, the CMOS battery is unplugged via the processor board jumper to extend battery life. Reinstall the battery jumper when inserting the board. Refer to the individual UCCx module drawings for information on jumper location. CMOS RAM Settings, internal date, and real-time clock are all battery-powered. Since the BIOS has set the CMOS Settings to the default level, there is no need to change them. Just reset the real-time clock. The system NTP server or the ToolboxST application can be used to set the initial time and date.


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