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GE IS200DSVOH2BDB Dc digital input module -PLC

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Brand: GE 

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Product description

The GE IS200DSVOH2BDB Dc digital input Module-PLC is a Dc digital input module manufactured by General Electric (GE) for use in PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) systems. The following is a detailed explanation and summary of the module:

Product model and brand:
Brand: GE/ General Electric
Main functions and applications:
As the input part of the PLC system, the module is mainly responsible for receiving the DC digital signal from the external equipment.
Commonly used in industrial automation systems, it is used to connect various digital sensors and actuators, such as proximity switches, photoelectric switches, etc.
Technical specifications:
Dc input, the specific voltage specifications may vary according to the actual application.
Digital input, indicating that the module is processing discrete signals, such as “on” or “off”, “1” or “0”.
Connection and configuration:
The digital sensor can be connected to the IS200DSVOH2BDB module by different wiring methods (such as two-wire or three-wire system).
The connection mode between the sensor and the module (such as PNP or NPN) must match the connection mode of the PLC.

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