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GE IS200DSPXH2DBD Discrete Input Module

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Is200word H1A appears to be a specific product model or code, but is not a widely known universal identifier or standard. To accurately interpret this code, you usually need to check the relevant product manual, data sheet, or the manufacturer’s official website.

However, you can guess from the structure of the code:

IS may represent the identity of a certain product family or manufacturer.
200 May be a number that represents a certain size, capacity, or version.
WR may represent a certain feature or function, such as water resistance, wireless, etc.
OBH may be another specific identifier or abbreviation that may be related to the design, purpose, or manufacturer of the product.
1A May be a version number, batch number, or other identifier.

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product details:

Part number:IS200DSPXH2DBD

Manufacturer: General Electric

Product type: Power distribution board

Series: Made by Mark VI

Country/region: USA

IS200DSPXH2DBD is a power distribution board of the Mark VI series. GE is offering the board as part of its Speedtronic series. The Mark control platform provides scalable levels of redundancy. A single (simple) controller with simplex I/O and a single network is the foundation of the system. Dual systems with two controllers, single or sector TMR I/O and dual networks increase reliability and allow for online repairs. Three controllers (single or sector TMR I/O), three networks, and state voting between controllers make up the TMR system for maximum fault detection and availability.

The core distribution system and branch circuit elements are two different types in PDM. They are responsible for the main power management of a cabinet or group of cabinets. The branch circuit element takes the kernel output and assigns it to a specific circuit in the cabinet for use. The branch circuit has its own feedback methods, which are not included in the feedback of the PPDA I/O package. IS200DSPXH2DBD is WROB’s relay fuse and power sensing card. There are twelve fuses on this card. The fuse is rated at 3.15A and rated at 500VAC/400VDC.

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