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GE IS200BPVCG1BR1 Controller module

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VMIACC-0584product description is as follows:
I. Product overview
The IS200BPVCG1BRis an I/O board assembly manufactured by GE Fanuc for use in industrial automation and control systems. The component provides digital and analog input/output functions, and can communicate with PLC, DCS and other devices to achieve data acquisition, transmission and control.
Second, functional characteristics
Support a variety of I/O signal types, including digital, analog, etc., to meet the needs of different devices and systems.
With high-speed data transmission capability to ensure real-time and accuracy.


product description:

The IS200BPVCG1BR1 is a PCB component used in the General Electric Company Mark VI series. The Mark VI series is one of the later Speedtronic systems. Ge has researched and developed the Speedtronic system for 30 years to create a reliable, scalable and complete solution for the management of heavy duty steam and gas.

The turbine system. MarkVI uses the latest technology and integrated proprietary software to create an optimal turbine management system. This includes a computer – based on an HMI(operator interface), running software such as GE’s CIMPLICITY graphics.

The IS200BPVCG1BR1 is a backplane designed to be suitable for rack systems that accept and support multiple boards. The back half of this board has 21 female backplane connectors. When placed in a rack system, this section of the board will be surrounded by high walls. Support and lock connecting plates in place. The other part of the board, which houses the input/output connectors, is designed to be exposed to the outside of the rack. System. This allows the operator to easily connect the ribbon connector and its cables to the circuit board. There are 39 i0 connectors and they allow data. Transfer from and attached to a plate on a backplane. The IS200BPVCG1BR1 also includes 14 plug connectors and 6 resistance network arrays. There is an additional Thity component at the bottom of the board. These markers are L1 through L30. The board is marked with the manufacturer’s logo and has the board number.

Product parameter
Input voltage: 24VDC
Output voltage: 5VDC
Maximum output current: 3A
Operating temperature range: -40℃ to 85℃
Size: 100mm x 50mm x 25mm
Product specification
Shell material: Aluminum alloy
Protection class: IP65
Input protection: over current protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection
Output protection: short circuit protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection

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