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GE IC698CHS117C RX7i I/O rack is designed for the Rx7i PACsystem series

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Product description

The GE Fanuc IC698CHS117 RX7i I/O rack is designed for the Rx7i PACsystem family. The IC698CHS117 rack is a wall-mounted 18-slot I/O rack designed for VME64 backplane systems and advanced power supplies. The I/O rack offers up to four times the bandwidth intensity of a standard VME backplane system, thus delivering faster I/O throughput. The IC698CHS117 rack supports GE Fanuc Rx7i cpus, Rx7i I/O modules, 90-70 series I/O, and all standard VME modules. It has slot sensing for rack-mounted I/O modules and is configured with programming/configuration software without DIP switches and jumper configuration. All Rx7i racks have an open design and must use an IP 54 standard housing or have a higher grade housing to be safe for use in industrial environments.

The IC698CHS117 rack supports high-power Rx7i power supplies and Rx7i AC power plug-ins. It has a power rating of 350 watts and a current rating of 4 amps at -12 volts, 12 amps at 12 volts DC input, and 60 amps at 5.0 volts DC input. The IC698CHS117 rack has 18 I/O slots and supports up to 15 single-width I/O modules (without any dual-width modules), 8 dual-width modules, or a combination of dual-width and single-width modules. The slot numbers of the IC698CHS117 module are 1 to 18, and the average slot width is 0.8 inches. Slot 1 is always reserved for the CPU. Double-width RX7i cpus with embedded Ethernet cards use slots 1 and 2. Slot 0 with a width of 2.6 inches is used for power modules. The IC698CHS117 rack is configured using the Windows-based and highly intuitive CIMPLICITY Machine Edition Logic Developer-PLC software, which provides users with a graphical interface to configure I/O addressing.

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