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GE IC697BEM731Z Genius Bus controller module

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Product description

Series :Genius bus I/O

Module width: single slot

Maximum number of devices :30 devices/channels

Bus terminals: 75, 150 ohm resistors, located at both ends of the bus cable

The IC697BEM731 is a Genius bus controller module belonging to the GE Fanuc 90-70 series of programmable logic controllers (PLCS). This module is primarily used to connect up to thirty (30) devices and transfer data by passing tokens between all configured devices on the same bus.

The IC697BEM731 has one (1) channel for connecting to devices that reside on the same bus, and one (1) Handheld monitor (HHM) port for downloading the configuration to the module using the MS DOS or Windows programming software Configurator feature.

When the IC697BEM731 was delivered, it did not have a clear bus address. The configuration software sets the default address to 153.6 Kbaud standard and the bus address to 31. This default address can be modified by downloading the valid configuration to the CPU. When configured at 2000 Kbaud (standard), the maximum allowable distance of the communication bus is 153.6 ft; 3500 feet when configured at 153.6 KBaud (extended); The value is 4500 ft for 76.8 KBaud and 7500 ft for 38.4 KBaud. All devices residing on the same bus or network must be configured with the same baud rate, otherwise communication cannot be established or you may experience erratic communication.

The physical communication cables used to establish the network are Belden Type 9182 cables with GE catalog number IC660BLC001,15 inches, number 3, and IC660BLC003, 36 inches, number 1. The bus terminal plug must be installed at both ends of the bus with the directory number IC660BLM506 150 ohms, number 4 and IC660BLM508 75 ohms, number 4 resistors.

The IC697BEM731 bus controller supports global data transfer between cpus via a Windows-based software configuration, and can be enhanced with the IC697 PLC alarm system to report time-stamped failures on the processor data table. The rear end of the bus controller module has a handheld monitoring port for connecting the handheld monitoring device and a connector for establishing the IC66 bus connection. The IC697BEM731 Bus controller is configured with Windows or MS-DOs-based configurator functionality. By default, the Windows-based configurator feature sets the baud rate to 153.5 kilobit and the serial bus address to 31. Other baud rates and serial bus addresses can be assigned by using the configurator function. The IC697BEM731 bus controller performs self-diagnosis at installation and has LED light indicators that show updates on operation and communication status.

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