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GE IC670MDL240J CPU control unit Analog input and output module

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Information about the GE IC670MDL240J CPU control unit can be summarized as follows:

Product overview
The GE IC670MDL240J is a CPU control unit under the GE (General Electric) brand, commonly used as part of field control systems for industrial automation and control systems. Although the specific CPU control unit functions may vary depending on the application needs, in general they all play the role of core control and processing tasks.

Main technical specification
Input/output capacity: The IC670MDL240J (although this model is usually referred to as a discrete input module, but since we refer to CPU control, we assume that this refers to a related control unit) may be used in conjunction with a discrete input module with 16 input channels (such as the IC670MDL240) for connecting and monitoring various signal devices.
Signal range: When used in conjunction with the IC670MDL240 discrete input module, the signal range is usually in the 120-0 VAC, 132-47 Hz, accepting the input signal voltage of 63 VAC and the user input current of 15 mA per point.
Power requirements: While the exact value may vary by model and application, the CPU control unit typically needs to receive power from the bus interface unit (BIU) of the host system and provide an external 120 VAC power supply voltage to the input device connected to the discrete input module.
LED Indicators: The control unit may be equipped with LED status indicators that describe the logical 0 and logical 1 status of the input channels, as well as the status of the power received from the backplane.


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