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GE DS200TCCAG1BAA embedded controller module

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Product description

The DS200TCCAG1BAA is a discrete contact input/output module from General Electric.

This module is designed for industrial gas and steam control in Mark VIe Speedtronic control systems.

The Mark VIe was the last Speedtronic system designed by GE, one of a line of industrial control systems marketed under the name Speedtonic.

The DS200TCCAG1BAA is part of the Mark IVe Control System or Mark VIeS functional safety system.

As an I/O block, it is designed to plug into specific terminal boards, such as DS200TCCAG1BAA and 2A, DS200TCCAG1BAA or 2A, or IS400TBCIS2C.

The DS200TCCAG1BAA has an onboard power supply with a nominal voltage of 28.0 VDC.

The maximum rated voltage for contact input and contact wetting output is 32 VDC.

DS200TCCAG1BAA has both UL certification and CE certification. It can be used in hazardous and non-hazardous places.

Hazardous site use ratings can be found in documents such as GE’s GEH-6725.

This I/O module is designed for environmental conditions ranging from -35 to 65 degrees Celsius.

The DS200TCCAG1BAA is a well-designed module that can be easily installed on the IS230 terminal board.

The ease of installation and the availability of documentation make this module ideal for most applications.

Numerous indicator leds on the front of the module allow the user to read the status of the DS200TCCAG1BAA discrete input module.

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