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GE DS200ADMAH1AAC analog digital module sub-board

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General Electric’s DS200ADMAH1AAC is a modular module subboard (ADMA) developed for the Mark V Series optional and replacement boards. The card can be installed on most GE branded exciters and drives. The cutout pattern on the metal panel of the board allows it to be installed on top of the existing DPSC (DS200DPSC) board. Use this card to buffer, filter, and convert analog and digital I/O to and from the board.

When using the DS200ADMAH1AAC, drive I/O can be precisely received, converted, and transmitted. In addition to those already found on the drive, the board provides the user with eight digital input and output points. Twelve analog inputs and four analog outputs can also be found on the card. The board has an integrated programmable logic device, which can realize the system interface. By providing logic control in the form of static RAM, communication between the daughter board and the DPSC processor bus is possible. The board also features LED status indicators that provide diagnostics and board status information. These include two LED indicators, a green IMOK LED and a red FAIL LED.

The installation parameters provided below will ensure that the DS200ADMAH1AAC and its mounting board operate as expected. These guidelines will prevent any accidental or unintentional damage to the entire drive system. For instructions on how to wire and install the ADMA board to the DPSC board, see the series manual and device data sheet. Technical support for the entire Mark V board line was initially provided by manufacturer General Electric.

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