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FOXBORO AD908AC Discrete output interface module

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The AD908AC provides individually isolated power supplies to power each of the eight channels.

Optionally, the input channels can be powered by an external power supply. However, when a common external power supply is used with two or more channels, a Cable Balun module is required to help prevent HARTcommunication channel crosstalk.

The AD908AC has a rugged extruded aluminum exterior for physical protection of the circuits. Enclosures specially designed for mounting the Foxboro DCS Fieldbus Modules (FBMs) provide various levels of environmental protection, up to harsh environments per ISA Standard S71.04.

The module mounts on a modular baseplate which accommodates up to four or eight FBMs. The modular baseplate is either DIN rail mounted or rack mounted, and includes signal connectors for redundant fieldbus, redundant independent dc power, and termination cables.


product description:

The  FOXBORO AD908AC Discrete output interface module digital module is a module in Foxboro systems for digital signal input and output. These modules are commonly used in industrial automation Q and control systems to achieve digital signal acquisition, control and monitoring. The following are some possible product features of the FOXBOBO AD908AC Discrete output interface module digital module: Digital Input: This module usually has a digital input channel for receiving signals from sensors, switches, or other digital devices. Digital output: It may also include digital output channels that can be used to control relays, valves, or other digital control devices.

FOXBORO AD908AC Digital module High-speed data acquisition: Some digital modules have high-speed data acquisition capabilities, which can collect a large number of digital signals in a short time. Digital signal processing: These modules are typically capable of processing digital signals, including logic operations, counting, timers, and trigger functions. Communication interface: The FOXBORO AD908AC digital module typically has a communication interface that allows data exchange and communication with other system components or controllers. Programmability: Some digital modules have programmable features that allow users to configure and customize them as needed.

FOXBORO AD908AC digital modules have built-in self-test and fault diagnosis: They often have built-in self-test and fault diagnosis capabilities to help detect and resolve problems. High reliability: These modules are typically designed for use in industrial environments with high reliability and vibration resistance to ensure stable operation in harsh conditions. Data logging: Some digital modules can record historical data of digital signals for subsequent analysis or report generation. Application areas: These modules are widely used in industrial control systems Q, process control, automation systems, mechanical control and monitoring applications.


• 8 analog input channels, each accepting one of the following inputs:

◦ Standard 4 to 20 mA analog sensor signal

◦ Digital HART Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) signal superimposed on a 4 to 20 mA analog input signal

• FSK modem dedicated to each input channel for bi-directional digital communications with a HART field device

• Analog to digital conversion of each of the 4 to 20 mA input signals from the HART devices

• Support for the HART universal commands necessary to interface the field device with the Foxboro DCS database

• Per channel galvanic isolation of each of the 8 input channels from each other, ground and module logic

• Rugged design suitable for enclosure in Class G3 (harsh) environments

• High accuracy achieved by sigma-delta data conversions for each channel

• Termination Assembly (TA) for locally or remotely connecting field wiring to the AD908AC

• TA for per channel internally and/or externally loop powered transmitters

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