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FEM100 P0973CA Field bus extension module

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Product description

Main features:

Fieldbus expansion: The FEM100 P0973CA module expands the fieldbus capacity of the I/A series DCS, allowing more I/O devices to be connected and controlled.

Support for multiple fieldbus protocols: It supports a variety of fieldbus protocols, including H1, H2, and Profibus DP, providing flexibility to connect various types of I/O devices.

Redundancy and fault tolerance: The module can be configured as a redundant pair to achieve fault tolerance, ensuring continuous operation even in the event of a module failure.

Hot-swappable design: The FEM100 P0973CA module can be plugged in or pulled out while the DCS is running, enabling easy maintenance and configuration changes without system downtime.

Current isolation: It provides current isolation between the fieldbus network and the DCS, protecting the DCS from electrical faults and noise.


Process Control and Automation: The FEM100 P0973CA module is widely used in process control and automation applications, extending the I/A series DCS I/O capabilities for:

a. Oil and gas refining: Control and monitor oil and gas refining processes, including distillation, cracking and blending.

b. Chemical manufacturing: Manage chemical production processes, including reactors, heat exchangers and separation units.

c. Power generation: Control power plants, including boilers, turbines and generators.

d. Water and wastewater treatment: Monitoring and control of water and wastewater treatment processes.

Industrial Automation Systems: It is suitable for a variety of industrial automation systems, supporting communication between DCS and field equipment, such as:

a. Sensor: Obtain sensor data to monitor parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow and liquid level.

b. Actuators: Control actuators to regulate valves, motors and other equipment.

c. Human Machine Interface (HMI) : Exchange data with the HMI for operator interaction and system monitoring.


Scalable I/O capacity: The FEM100 P0973CA module expands the I/A series DCS ‘I/O capacity, allowing for more complex control systems and accommodating larger processing plants.

Enhanced system flexibility: Multiple fieldbus protocols are supported to flexibly connect various types of I/O devices and integrate with different fieldbus networks.

Improved system reliability: Redundant configuration and hot-swapable design ensure continuous operation even in case of module failure or maintenance, enhancing system reliability.

Reduced cabling complexity: Compared with traditional point-to-point connections, fieldbus networks simplify cabling, reduce installation costs and improve system maintainability.

Integration with I/A Series DCS: Seamless integration with the I/A series DCS platform simplifies programming, configuration, and maintenance.

Considerations and challenges:

Fieldbus network design: Carefully design the fieldbus network, considering factors such as network topology, cable length, and message priority.

Device compatibility: Ensure compatibility between DCS, FEM100 P0973CA modules, and fieldbus devices to avoid communication errors or data loss.

Error Handling and fault management: Implement appropriate error handling and fault management mechanisms to maintain system reliability and recover from network or device failures.

Network security: Implement network security measures to protect the fieldbus network from unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

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