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FBM206 Communication interface module

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The FBM01 features:

Compact design: The module features a compact yet robust design that makes it easy to install in an industrial environment.

Physical protection: The extruded aluminum housing provides physical and electrical protection for the module circuits.

Environmental protection: Enclosures designed for the installation of the FBM206 provide various levels of environmental protection up to the harsh environments defined in ISA standard S71.04.

Detachable module: The FBM206 can be removed or replaced without removing the field device terminal cable, power supply, or communication cable.

LED indicators: The module has LED indicators that provide visual information about its operating status and communication activity on each channel.


Brand/Manufacturer: Foxboro

Size: 20cm * 6.2cm * 15cm

Weight: 0.4 kg

Country of origin: USA

Description: Interface module

The FBM206 contains eight 0-20 mA analog output channels. When control system reliability is important, redundant modules may be installed on the FBM01. This allows all eight outputs

Maintain operation in the presence of a single fault and during removal and replacement of suspect modules. The 0-20 mA signal is electrically compatible with HARt@field equipment.

The FBM206 0 to 20 mA output module contains eight channels. The output is electrically isolated from other channels and ground. The module can be used as a single unit or as a redundant pair (two FBM206).

When used as a redundant pair, the field output signal is connected to a common termination component. Each module in the pair independently keeps the output at its specified output value.


The main features of the FBM237 are:

Eight 20mADC analog output channels

0 Each output channel is electrically isolated

Single or redundant module

0 Rugged design for G3 class (harsh) environments

The housing port termination Assembly (TA) is used to connect local or remote field cables to the FBM237

0 TA is used to output bypass stations for maintenance operations

The 3-layer terminal components for each channel of the internal and/or external loop powered transmitter are maintained during output 0.

0 The FBM01 is electrically compatible with standard HART signals.




Physical design

The FBM206 has a modular design with a robust extruded aluminum housing for the physical protection of the circuit. Enclosures designed for mounting FBM according to ISA standard S71.04

For all levels of environmental protection up to harsh environments (G3 class).

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