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EMERSON A6210 Controller vibration monitoring module

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The A6210 also has the following parameters and characteristics:

Voltage: 24V
Current: 100-400A
Weight: 2KG
Number of USB ports: 2 ports
One year warranty
The LED indicator makes it easy to monitor the operation of the timer
Vibration monitoring is an important part of preventive maintenance, which can help operators detect equipment anomalies in a timely manner and prevent potential equipment failures, thereby reducing production disruptions and maintenance costs.

In summary, the A6210 is a highly accurate, easy to use and install vibration monitoring module for condition monitoring and fault diagnosis applications in a wide range of industrial equipment.


product description:

The A6210is a vibration monitoring module from Emerson designed for condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of industrial equipment. The main features of this module are as follows:

High-precision measurement: It uses high-precision sensors and measurement circuits to measure the vibration signal of the equipment in real time and accurately, and extract key vibration parameters.
Multiple analysis functions: Support a variety of vibration analysis methods, such as spectrum analysis, envelope demodulation, waveform analysis, etc., can comprehensively analyze the operating status and fault mode of the equipment.

Wide range of applications: A6210 Vibration monitoring module is suitable for various types of rotating machinery equipment, such as motors, pumps, compressors, fans, etc., to provide users with comprehensive equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis services.
Easy to install and use: The module is typically mounted on important rotating machinery to detect mechanical vibrations in real time and provide information about the health of the equipment.

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PR6423/011-130 CON021 EPRO CON021 8mm Eddy Current Sensor 0

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PR6423/011-130 CON021 EPRO CON021 8mm Eddy Current Sensor 2

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