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EMERSON 5X00117H03 controller module

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Emerson 5X00117H03 controller module is an industrial automation controller. Here are the details about it:

Main functions: The controller is mainly used in various industrial automation control systems. Its main function is to receive the sensor signal, compare and judge according to the preset parameters, and then output the corresponding control signal to realize the control of the controlled object.

High reliability: The use of high-quality electronic components and strict production process to ensure the high reliability and stability of the controller, can adapt to a variety of harsh working environments.
Easy to use: provides a simple and easy-to-use human-machine interface, convenient for users to set parameters and control operations.
Application: This kind of controller is widely used in various industrial production lines that need automatic control.
In addition, the Emerson 5X00117H03 controller moduleis equipped with the RTU Release Ethernet module, which offers the communication option T3 (10/100 Mbps Ethernet module with RJ45 connector) and the communication option A3 (Ethernet MTRJ 100 Mbps fiber interface). These options are all compatible with Kingfisher Plus+ CPU and communication module plug-ins, including CP-11, CP-12, CP-30, MC-11, MC-12, and MC-31, as well as LP-2 and LP-3 low-power RTU products.


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Product origin: USA

Delivery Time: 1-3 days

Quantity: 100% New Original

Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc

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Q: What is the earliest time when you can make delivery?

A: We will make delivery once received your payment.

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A: We provide one year warranty.

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A: New are no longer continuously manufactured, and therefore supply is scarce.

However, we specialize in sourcing hard-to-find products, and although

the lead time varies, the average is between 5-7 business days.

Q: What is the typical price for the items?

A: Our company always gives customers excellent service and prices that

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