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EMERSON 1C31192G01 Input/output module DCS card

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The main hardware types are: Primary and secondary controllers (including CPU card, power card, communication network card, interface card), DI card (switch input) 1C31234G01, SOE card (DI card) 1C31233G04, DO card (with relay switch output, 250V AC) 5A26457G01, DO card (with relay switching output, 150VDC) 5A26458G02, AI card (4-20mA input) 1C31224G01/1C31227G01, AI card (0Westinghouse -10VDC input) 5X00070G03/ 1C31227G02, AI card HART Analog Input Module 5X00058G01/ 5X00059G01, TC card (thermocouple) 5X00070G04/1C31116G04, RTD card (thermal resistance) 5X00119G01/5X00121G01, AO card (4-20mA output) 1C31129G03/1C31132G01, PI card (pulse input) 1C31147G01/ 1C31150G01, LC card (serial communication card) 1C31166G01/ 1C31169G02 and so on. The main points of Westinghouse process control include: combustion control of waste heat boiler, control of annular vacuum pump and vacuum failure valve, tube type off-phase closed bus technology, rapid switching technology, transformer fire discharge and nitrogen injection technology, closed cycle cooling water control, pressurization regulation of circulating cooling water, water source heat pump control, bypass throttling and decompression control in condenser, etc.


EMERSON is a distributed control system (DCS) owned by Emerson Process Control Systems. Westinghouse is a brand of Emerson, the core product is the DCS distributed control system, mainly used in power plant thermal automation control, network communication stability, fast running speed, high system integration advantages.

EMERSON Digital power plant is one of the main development directions of modern power industry. Data integration, comprehensive optimization application and decision support are the new requirements of users for modern management control systems.

The multi-network structure of Ovation system is designed to meet this need. It can integrate DCS, public systems and auxiliary control systems of multiple units in the plant through core switches to realize comprehensive applications such as data mapping, interlock operation, time synchronization and data integration, and can support operators to monitor and operate multiple units in the same control room. It also simplifies the collection and storage of historical data.

EMERSON 1C31192G01 is a product of Emerson Electric and may be related to the company’s areas of industrial automation, process control or energy management. However, since the product number may cover several different product lines or customization options, I cannot directly give specific information about the specifications, features, or application scenarios of the 1C31192G01.

Emerson Electric is a global technology solutions provider that delivers innovative solutions to its customers. Through process management, industrial automation, network energy, environmental optimization technology, commercial and residential solutions and other businesses, Emerson combines technology and engineering to create value for customers.

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