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ABB PM866AK01 3BSE076939R1 Interface communication module

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Model Number:PM866AK01 3BSE076939R1


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The interface communication module in the ABB PM866AK01 3BSE076939R1 controller module has some key features and functions, which are used to achieve tasks such as data acquisition, arithmetic processing, real-time monitoring, control and adjustment. Here are some details about the interface communication module:

Ethernet ports: The PM862 controller module has two RJ45 Ethernet ports (CN1, CN2) for connecting to the control network. These interfaces enable the module to exchange data and communicate with other devices or systems.
Serial ports: In addition to the Ethernet interface, the PM862 controller is equipped with 2 RJ45 serial ports (COM3, COM4). One of the serial ports (COM3) is an RS-232C port with a modem control signal, while the other port (COM4) is isolated and is usually used to connect configuration tools. These serial ports provide an additional means of communication for data exchange with a specific device or system.

Hardware address: Each controller module has a unique Ethernet address, which can be found on the Ethernet address label on the TP830 baseboard. This hardware address is used to uniquely identify each controller module in the network, ensuring that data is properly sent to the specified destination.
Communication function: The interface communication module supports a variety of communication protocols and interface standards, including Ethernet, RS-232C and so on. This enables the module to communicate with a variety of different types of devices and systems to achieve real-time transmission and sharing of data.
High Availability: The PM862 controller supports CPU redundancy, which means that even if one CPU fails, the other can continue to operate, providing higher system availability. In addition, the module supports the cex bus, communication interface and redundant configuration of the S800 I/O, further enhancing the stability and reliability of the system.

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