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ABB 216VC62A programmable logic controller

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Function: It facilitates communication between devices using the IEC AI880A standard, which is commonly used in substation automation systems.

Compatibility: It is compatible with ABB’s 800xA and 6.1.1, Compact Control Builder 6.0.0-3 and 6.1.1, and onwards versions [ABB 216VC62A datasheet].


Depth/Length: 127.5 mm

Height: 186 mm

Width: 59 mm

Weight: 0.7 kg

Country of Origin: Sweden



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The ABB 216VC62A is a programmable logic controller (PLC) designed for the industrial automation and power sectors. The following is a detailed introduction to ABB 216VC62A PLC:

Functions and Features:
ABB 216VC62A PLCS are typically used to monitor input signals (from sensors and switches), perform logic control tasks, and control output devices (such as motors, valves, and actuators) for specific automation and control tasks.
It has a high-performance processor that supports complex control algorithms and real-time data processing, capable of responding to real-time events and processing control tasks.
The PLC is equipped with state-of-the-art digital signal processing algorithms that enable it to efficiently process and analyze various types of signals, such as analog, digital and mixed signals, in real time.
ABB 216VC62A PLC is programmable, convenient for system configuration and function customization, and has scalability, can be expanded and upgraded according to actual needs of the functional modules.
It has high reliability and stability, as well as good anti-interference performance and high precision control performance.

Communication interface:
PLCS usually have a variety of communication interfaces for data exchange and communication with other devices, sensors and monitoring systems. ABB 216VC62A PLC is no exception, it supports multiple communication protocols and interface standards to enable integration with different systems.
The behavior of the PLC is defined by a logic program written by the user. These programs often use specific programming languages (such as ladder diagrams, structured text, etc.) to describe the control logic. Users can write and modify programs according to specific application requirements to meet specific control tasks.
Application field:
PLCS are widely used in a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications, including production line control, manufacturing processes, power systems, water treatment, automated machines, building control, and more. ABB 216VC62A PLC is a leader in providing efficient and reliable automation solutions in these areas.

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