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UNITROL 1010 is a powerful small indirect excitation system, which belongs to the UNITROL 1000 series and is a voltage regulator specially designed for small and medium-sized synchronous generators and industrial machines. With built-in support for dual channels, the product can be used for advanced load distribution, rotating diode monitoring, automatic synchronization and multiple all-in-one communication options in parallel running units. In addition, the UNITROL 1010 is based on advanced microprocessor technology and allows IGBT semiconductor devices with current outputs up to 10ADC for continuous operation. This enables high performance in harsh conditions and different temperature ranges, and is fully compliant with DNV and UL standards.


ABB’s UNITROL 1010 is a high-performance data acquisition module. The following are its main features:

Multi-channel analog input: The UNITROL 1010 module has a multi-channel analog input function, which can support the acquisition of multiple analog signals at the same time, and is suitable for a variety of measurement and data acquisition applications.
High-speed sampling rate: With a high-speed sampling rate, the module is able to acquire analog signals at a fast speed, ensuring accurate signal reconstruction and the capture of transient events.
High resolution: The UNITROL 1010 module provides high-resolution analog inputs that enable accurate signal measurement, providing rich detail and higher measurement accuracy.
Flexible input range and gain control: The module supports flexible input range and gain control, which can be adapted to the measurement needs of different signal amplitudes. It offers multiple programmable gain amplifiers to enable adjustment and optimization of the input signal.
External trigger and synchronization operation: The UNITROL 1010 module supports external trigger and synchronization operation functions, and can accurately synchronize the clock with other devices, which is suitable for multi-device collaboration and complex system integration.
Software support and development tools: The UNITROL 1010 module can be used in conjunction with NI’s software platforms and development tools, such as LabVIEW, Ni-DaqMX and Ni-SystemLink. These tools provide rich functionality and an easy-to-use interface for data acquisition, signal processing and analysis.

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