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Woodward 8200-1300 Channel Actuator Driver

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Product Description

The WOODWARD 8200-1300 governor is widely used for speed control, driving pumps and compressors in various types of diesel engines, gas engines, and steam turbines.

The WOODWARD PGPL actuator is applied to gas engines or steam turbines, and can replace PGPL, PGL, and PGD type governors without changing the original PG type drive linkage mechanism. This provides convenience for the transformation of electrical regulation.

The WOODWARD current pressure converter (CPC) is designed to control steam valve, fuel valve and/or corresponding Servomechanism. It converts 4-20mA control signal into oil pressure output linearly and proportionally. CPC can be used in conjunction with many electronic control devices, such as WOODWARD MicroNet or 505 series controllers. It is suitable for pressure type servo systems or single acting power cylinders. CPC is also applicable to old machine renovation projects.

The Woodward TG-13 and TG-17 are mechanical hydraulic differential governors used to control steam turbines – places that do not require synchronous (constant speed) operation. WOODWARD servo position controller (SPC) is a servo valve driver that receives DeviceNet or 4-20mA position command signals from the system controller and can position proportional or integral servo valves. The Woodward ProTech203 overspeed protection system provides overspeed protection for steam turbines, gas turbines, or other prime movers by monitoring signals from three independent magnetoresistive transmitters (MPUs). The sensor used to detect actual speed is usually the Woodward magnetoresistive speed sensor (MPU).

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