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WOODWARD 5466-1035 controller module

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The device listed here is Model 5466-1035 and is part of the 505 and 505E governor control units based on microprocessors. These control modules are designed for the operation of steam turbines as well as turbogenerator and turboexpander modules.
The  unit is designed to control a steam turbine by operating a single extraction and/or steam turbine.
It uses one or both of the turbine’s separate stage actuators to drive the steam inlet valve.The unit, like any 505 governor module, can be configured in the field by a field operator.Menu-driven software is controlled and changed by an operator control panel integrated on the front of the device.The panel displays two lines of text, each of 24 characters.


The WOODWARD 5466-1035 controller module is a component of the Woodward MicroNet Plus system, designed for industrial control applications. Specifically, it is a CPU (Central Processing Unit) module that provides the computational and control capabilities for the system. Here are some key details about the 5466-1035 controller module:

  1. Processor: The 5466-1035 controller module is powered by a Motorola MPC5200 processor. This provides the necessary computing power to handle the control algorithms and communication protocols used in the system.
  2. Memory: The module comes with 128 MB of DDR RAM and 64 MB of flash memory. This allows it to store control programs, configuration data, and any other necessary information for system operation.
  3. Communication Ports: The 5466-1035 controller module offers a range of communication ports for connectivity with other system components and devices. This includes a service port, a serial port (configurable for RS-232/422/485), two CAN ports, two Ethernet ports, and RTN (Real-Time Network) ports for communication with Woodward real-time network devices.
  4. Indicators and Buttons: The front panel of the module includes various indicators and buttons for monitoring and controlling the system. This includes LEDs for CAN status, module faults and status, network status, and operation/reset indicators. There is also a reset button for manually resetting the module.
  5. Configuration and Programming: The 5466-1035 controller module can be configured and programmed using Woodward’s control software. This allows operators to set up the system, adjust control parameters, and monitor system performance.
  6. Redundancy and Fail-Safe Operation: The 5466-1035 module can be used in redundant configurations, providing fault tolerance and ensuring continuous operation in the event of a module failure.
  7. Compatibility: The 5466-1035 controller module is designed to work with other Woodward MicroNet Plus system components, including I/O modules, communication modules, and operator interfaces.

Overall, the WOODWARD 5466-1035 controller module provides the computational and communication capabilities necessary for Woodward MicroNet Plus systems to effectively control and monitor industrial processes and equipment.

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Woodward has more than 130 years of experience in the design and manufacture of engine controllers for aviation, industrial engines, turbines, and power generation controls. This brand is produced in the United States, its types can be divided into: solenoid valve, governor, regulation control system, electronic hydraulic amplifier, actuator, current pressure converter and so on

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