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VMIVME-2120 Industrial I/O module

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functional description:

The VMIVME-2120 is a high voltage digital output module that belongs to a family of converter board modules. Originally a product of General Electric’s Industrial automation division, it was acquired by Abaco Systems and discontinued for a time. This module provides 64 channels of high voltage and high current absorption outputs with an open collector output driver supporting output voltages from 5VDC to 48VDC.

The VMIVME-2120 is unique in its built-in test (BIT) logic, which allows the user to verify the operation of each channel under software control. In addition, the module has a range of built-in test and analysis capabilities designed to run a series of logically isolated analyses.

In addition, the VMIVME-2120-115N is a specific model in this series, which is equipped with a high voltage channel and a high current driver with a 600 mA absorption current. The module has a high breakdown voltage of at least 48 volts DC and can handle inputs of up to 55 volts DC. It also features thermal protection turn-off options and output clamp diodes, which include a range of inductive flyback protection.

The VMIVME-2120 module has a wide range of applications in industrial control systems, especially where high voltage and high current outputs are required. However, since the product has been discontinued, there may be certain difficulties for users who need to purchase or repair it.

Overall, the VMIVME-2120 is a powerful and stable high-voltage digital output module, and its influence in the field of industrial control still lives on, despite being discontinued.

Reliability and stability: The VMIVME-2120 uses high-quality components and advanced design to ensure stable operation in harsh industrial environments. It has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, high temperature resistance, anti-vibration, etc., and can adapt to various industrial application scenarios.

Programmability and flexibility: The module supports user programmable logic, allowing users to customize configuration and programming according to specific needs. This enables the VMIVME-7587-830 to adapt to the requirements of different industrial automation systems and achieve a variety of control logic.

Industrial communication interface: VMIVME-2120 may provide a variety of industrial communication interfaces, such as Ethernet, serial communication, etc., to facilitate connection and data exchange with other devices and systems.

VMIVME-2120  Industrial I/O modules are widely used in industrial automation control systems, production line monitoring, robot control, test and measurement. It can help users achieve precise control of industrial equipment and production process, improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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