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Vibro- meter VM600 IOC4T Encoder module

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The VM600 IOC4Tis an advanced vibration monitoring and protection system for complex and critical rotating machinery. Its high channel density and fully configurable 19-inch card construction make it suitable for complex installations and large (critical) machinery.
Application program
The VM600 IOC4T is suitable for plants where rotating machinery is concentrated in one area and requires centralized monitoring and higher channel counts. Typical applications include:
■ Gas turbine
■ Steam turbine
■ Water turbine
■ Other key rotating machinery
The VM600 IOC4T is designed to provide state-of-the-art vibration monitoring and protection (SIL 2) and is superior to large critical rotating machines with higher channel counts. Its modular 19 “card allows users to build systems tailored to specific application requirements.


Product parameters:

Model: VM600 IOC4T
Product Number: 200-510-041-021 200-510-1 11-021 200- 565-000-013, 200-565-101-013
Working voltage: 24VDC
Operating temperature: -20°C-+70°C
Vibration measurement range: 0- 50mm/s
Temperature measurement range: -50°C~+ 150°C
Communication interface: Modbus RTU, Profibus DP, Ethernet/IP
Vibro-Meter-VM600 IOC4T Control processor A dedicated modular unit with a microcomputer or microprocessor as the core to complete the
control logic and control algorithms.
In a computer system, the control processor and the processor are the two basic components. The controller is usually used to control various hardware and
software resources of the computer, and can coordinate and manage each component through command and control signals. The processor is the core
component of the computer, responsible for executing instructions, processing data, controlling various hardware and performing various tasks required by
the operating system.

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