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TRICONEX TRICON 3635R Relay Output Normally Closed Non-Common Simple 32 point

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Part Number:3635R
Condition :Brand New
Warranty :12 months
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TRICONEX TRICON 3635R Relay Output Normally Closed Non-Common Simple 32 point

Pulse Totalizer Input ModuleThe Model 3515 Pulse Totalizer Input(PTI) Module provides 32 individual31-bit counters that operate independently. The counters are used withactive-flow sensors or per-unit sensorsto measure a quantity (count) which istransmitted to the Main Processors. Atthe time specified by the controlprogram, the Main Processors clear asingle counter or all counters. The PTI module has three isolated input channels. Each input channel independently processes all input data and passes it to the Main Processors, where it is voted before processing to ensure the highest integrity. Each PTI module provides complete ongoing diagnostics on each channel, including channel-to-channel count comparison. Failure of any diagnostic on any channel activates the Fault indicator, which in turn activates the chassis alarm. The Fault indicatorpoints to a channel fault, not a modulefailure. The PTI module is guaranteedto operate properly in the presence of asingle fault, and may continue tooperate with certain kinds of multiplefaults.The PTI module can operate with orwithout a hot-spare module. If you usea hot-spare module, it re-educates allcounter values from the active module.

Contact information:

Company Name: Shenzhen Changxin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

Contact Name: Anne

Telephone: +86 13328779317

WeChat: 13328779317


Foxboro(福克斯波罗):I/A Series系统,FBM全系列(现场输入/输出模块) 顺序控制、梯形逻辑控制、事故追忆处理、数模转换、输入/输出信号处理、 数据通信及处理等。 Westinghouse(西屋):1C31系列DCS系统、CPU、OVATION系统、WDPF系统、 WEStation系统备件。 Triconex(英维思):冗余容错控制系统、基于三重模件冗余(TMR)结构的最现代化的容错控制器。 EMERSON(艾默生):模块、卡件、驱动器等各类备件。 XYCOM:XVME系列 Bently(本特利):3500/3300系统。 Rockwell(罗克韦尔):ICS系统。 ABB:PM全系列DCS系统、IGCT高压变频器系列、工业机器人备件DSQC系列、INFI 90等。 Bailey(贝利):BRC系列DCS系统等。 Allen-Bradley:1756、1785、1771、1746全系列系统等。 Yokogawa(横河):CP系列等。 Honeywell(霍尼韦尔):TK/TC/CC系统等。 Reliance(瑞恩):57C系列等。 Schneider(施耐德):140系列处理器、控制卡、电源模块等。 Modicon(莫迪康):AS系列PLC系统备件。 Siemens MOORE,Siemens Simatic C1,Siemens数控系统等。 Motorola(摩托罗拉):MVME 162、MVME 167、MVME1772、MVME177等系列。 PROSOFT : MVI-系列开头。 XYCOM:I/O、VME板和处理器等。 GE(通用电气):IC698/IC697全系列PLC系统、模块、卡件、驱动器等各类备件。 Yaskawa(安川):伺服控制器、伺服马达、伺服驱动器。 Bosch Rexroth(博世力士乐):Indramat,I/O模块,PLC控制器,驱动模块等。 Woodward(伍德沃德):SPC阀位控制器、PEAK150数字控制器。


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