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TRICONEX AI3351 I/O accessory controller

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Model Number:AI3351


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Warranty : one year

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The TRICONEX development platform is an integrated tool for application development, programming debugging, and data compilation of the TRICONEX AI3351 control system. This programming method, user interface, and self generated file data function are greatly superior to traditional engineering development tools. TRICONEX AI3351 1 complies with the international standard IEC 61805/61131 and is a development software running on the Windows 2000 operating system, following the guidelines of the Microsoft Windows graphical user interface.
Typical Applications of TRICONEX AI3351 Security Control System
The safety system can provide continuous protection for safety critical units in refining, petroleum, chemical and other industrial processes, such as reactors and compressor units, monitor various trip signals – pressure, product feed, expander pressure balance and temperature, and safely shut down when necessary. Traditional emergency parking systems use mechanical or electronic relays to achieve parking protection, but this often leads to dangerous false tripping. The TRICONEX system has parking and control functions, can perform temporary testing and verification of on-site sensors, and can be directly connected to DCS or other upper computers for continuous monitoring.

Boiler monitoring and protection
In most refineries and industrial processes, steam boilers are a critical equipment. The boiler protection under various disturbances, safety interlocking for normal start/stop, flame monitoring, protection and other tasks can be centralized in one TRICONEX AI3351 system. In traditional control, these tasks are achieved using a single non integrated component. With a fault-tolerant, practical and safe controller, boiler operators can further improve efficiency while maintaining or exceeding the level of the electrical mechanical protection system.
Turbine compressor control system
The control and protection of gas or steam turbine driven compressor units require a high degree of reliability and safety. The capacity and continuous operation of the TRICONEX AI3351 controller provide maximum availability for the turbine compressor unit while maintaining the same level of safety. In an integrated control system, speed control, suction control, compressor anti surge control, and start stop sequence control can be achieved. All I/0 modules can use hot standby modules. If the working module malfunctions, the module can be replaced online.

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