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REXROTH VT-VSPA1-1-11 servo motor

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REXROTH VT-VSPA1-1-11 servo motor controller has a wide range of application scenarios, mainly including but not limited to the following situations:

Machine tool control: In the machine tool industry, this controller can be used to control the feed speed of the machine tool, the spindle speed, etc., to achieve high-precision machining and automated production.
Robot control: In the field of robotics, it can be used to control the joint movements of robots, enabling robots to perform complex actions and tasks.
Packaging machinery: In packaging machinery, the controller can be used to control feeding, positioning and other processes to improve packaging efficiency and quality.
Printing machinery: In printing machinery, it is used to control paper conveying, printing accuracy, etc., to ensure the stability and printing quality of the printing process.
Textile machinery: In textile machinery, the controller can be used to control weaving speed, tension, etc., to meet the quality and production efficiency requirements of textiles.


The REXROTH VT-VSPA1-1-11 Digital axis controller is a high-performance controller manufactured by Bosch Rexroth. Here are some of the main features and specifications of the controller:

High-precision control: The use of advanced digital signal processing technology, can achieve high-precision position control and speed control, thereby improving the processing accuracy and surface quality.
Multi-axis control: supports the control of multiple active axes, which can achieve linkage control and complex processing trajectories, further improving processing efficiency and processing quality.

Integrated digital axis control function: The control module integrates the digital axis control function, which can realize position control, speed control, etc., simplify the system structure and improve the reliability of the system.
High-precision measurement: Using high-precision measurement technology, accurate position and speed measurement can be achieved to further improve the control accuracy.
Fail-safe position: In case of failure, the control module will automatically move the shaft to the safe position to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
High reliability: The use of high-quality materials and manufacturing processes, with high reliability and long life characteristics.
Fast response: has a fast response speed, can quickly respond to changes in the input signal, improve the response speed and dynamic performance of the system.
Easy to program and debug: Support a variety of programming languages and debugging tools, convenient for users to program and debug.
Easy to expand: Supports a variety of expansion interfaces, convenient for users to expand and upgrade.

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