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REXROTH TV 3000HT PUMF Digital axis control

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REXROTH TV 3000HT servo motor controller has a wide range of application scenarios, mainly including but not limited to the following situations:

Machine tool control: In the machine tool industry, this controller can be used to control the feed speed of the machine tool, the spindle speed, etc., to achieve high-precision machining and automated production.
Robot control: In the field of robotics, it can be used to control the joint movements of robots, enabling robots to perform complex actions and tasks.
Packaging machinery: In packaging machinery, the controller can be used to control feeding, positioning and other processes to improve packaging efficiency and quality.
Printing machinery: In printing machinery, it is used to control paper conveying, printing accuracy, etc., to ensure the stability and printing quality of the printing process.
Textile machinery: In textile machinery, the controller can be used to control weaving speed, tension, etc., to meet the quality and production efficiency requirements of textiles.


The REXROTH TV 3000HT Digital axis controller is a high-performance controller manufactured by Bosch Rexroth. Here are some of the main features and specifications of the controller:

High-precision control: The use of advanced digital signal processing technology, can achieve high-precision position control and speed control, thereby improving the processing accuracy and surface quality.
Multi-axis control: supports the control of multiple active axes, which can achieve linkage control and complex processing trajectories, further improving processing efficiency and processing quality.

Integrated digital axis control function: The control module integrates the digital axis control function, which can realize position control, speed control, etc., simplify the system structure and improve the reliability of the system.
High-precision measurement: Using high-precision measurement technology, accurate position and speed measurement can be achieved to further improve the control accuracy.
Fail-safe position: In case of failure, the control module will automatically move the shaft to the safe position to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
High reliability: The use of high-quality materials and manufacturing processes, with high reliability and long life characteristics.
Fast response: has a fast response speed, can quickly respond to changes in the input signal, improve the response speed and dynamic performance of the system.
Easy to program and debug: Support a variety of programming languages and debugging tools, convenient for users to program and debug.
Easy to expand: Supports a variety of expansion interfaces, convenient for users to expand and upgrade.
In addition, the controller has certain system requirements, such as requiring an IBM PC or compatible system, Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system, at least 256MB of RAM, and 60MB of free hard disk space.

Overall, the REXROTH TV 3000HT digital axis controller is a powerful and stable controller suitable for high-precision and high-efficiency machining applications in a variety of CNC machine tools.

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