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MOTOROLA MVME-162P-344E Analog Input Module

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Item NO.:MVME-162P-344E

Warranty: 12 months

Product Origin:USA

Color:Brand New

Shipping Port:Xiamen

Lead Time:In Stock

Condition :100% Original

Shipping by: DHLUPSFedexTNT

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Tags: Processor module

The spot product

AB GE MOTOROLA Bently Nevada
2711-B6C5 IS220PDIAH1A MVME162-10 330180-51-05
2711-K6C8 IS220PDIAH1B MVME162-13 330780-91-05
2711-K6C1 IS220PDOAH1A MVME162-220 330180-91-05
2711-B6C9 IS220PDIOH1B MVME162-512 3500/94M 184826-01
2711-K6C9L1 IS420ESWBH1A MVME162-512A 3500/62 163179-03
2711-B6C3L1 IS420UCSBH3A MVME162-210 190214-01
2711-B6C15 IS230SNRTH2A MVME2301-900 3500/62 163179-03
2711-K5A5 IS220PRTDH1B MVME300 3500/93 135785-02
2711-K5A16 IS200SRTDH2A MVME712/M 125840-02
2711-K5A10 IS230JPDMG1B MVME162-533A 136188-02
2711-K5A3L1 IS200JPDMG1R MVME162PA-344 133819-01
2711P-B6C20D IS220PPDAH1B MVME172-263/260 136294-01
2711P-B6C20A IS239TRLYH1B MVME172-533 125736-01
2711P-K6C20A IS200TRLYH1B MVME5100 128240-01
2711P-K6C5D IS230SNRLH2A MVME172-533 125680-01
2711P-B6M20D IS200SRLYH2A MVME705B 149992-02
2711P-T6M20D IS220PDOAH1B A5E00842112 135813-01
2711P-T6C5A IS200VAICH1D MVME335 330180-51-00
2711P-T6M5D IS200VTURH2B MVME172PA-652SE 133300-01
2711P-T6M20A IS200VAICH1C MVME162-223 3500/44M 176449-03



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