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Metso D200137 Remote controller

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The Metso D200137 module uses NI-STC 2 system controller, NI-PGIA 2 amplifier and NI-MCal calibration technology to improve performance, accuracy and I/O. They are ideal for high-channel data acquisition, high-speed control, and manufacturing test applications. With two new NI MXI-Express remote controllers, NI PXIe-PCIe8371/2 x4 (” by four “- a link consisting of four PCI Express channels), Engineers can control PXI Express and CompactPCI Express systems from a PCI Express-equipped PC via a fully transparent, high-bandwidth wired PCI Express link.

The Metso D200137 remote provides 1 GB/s total system bandwidth, making it ideal for high frequency and high resolution applications. The NI PXIe-PCIe8371 has a wired PCI Express link from a PC to a PXI Express chassis, while the D200137 has two wired PCI Express links. Two PXI Express chassis can be controlled simultaneously to achieve higher channel counts. Compared to other industry standard cable interfaces such as high-speed USB, gigabit Ethernet /LAN, GPIB (HS488), MXI-2 and MXI-3, this bandwidth is the best in the industry and represents a more than eight-fold increase. The new NI PXIe-8105 x4 dual-core embedded controller also offers up to 1 GB/s of system bandwidth and 1 GB/s of slot bandwidth, and is equipped with the 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor T2500.


product description:

The Metso D200137 Remote controller (Metso D200137 Remote Controller) may be a component in the Metso D200137 family for the remote control and operation of related equipment or systems.
The remote controller has the following functions:
Remote monitoring: You can view the running status and parameter Settings of the device in real time to ensure the normal running of the device.
Remote control: Through the remote controller, users can remotely adjust the operating parameters of the device, start/stop the device, etc., to achieve remote operation.
Fault diagnosis: The remote controller may have the fault diagnosis function, which can detect device anomalies and provide fault information to help users quickly locate and rectify faults.
Data recording and analysis: The remote controller can record and analyze the running data of the device, so that users can understand the performance and usage of the device, and provide references for optimizing the running of the device.
The specific functions and features of the Metso D200137 Remote controller may vary depending on application scenarios and device types

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