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KUC711AE01 3BHB004661R0001 Excitation drive control module

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ABB KUC711AE01 3BHB004661R0001 Drive power module is a power converter that can be mounted directly on the printed circuit board. It is generally divided into AC to DC or DC to DC according to the conversion mode. With the development of science and technology, the volume of power supplies tends to be modular and miniaturized, so there is a power module. The main circuit of the switching power supply is integrated in the chip, which can realize the functions of broadband modulation, isolation and a variety of protection.

ABB KUC711AE01 3BHB004661R0001 The common basic principle of the drive power module consists of the following parts: Input rectifier filter, including the rectifier bridge and input filter capacitor. Monolithic switching power supply, including power switching tube, controller and MOSFET.

ABB KUC755AE106 3BHB005243R0106 Drive power module is also composed of high frequency transformer, leakage clamp protection circuit, optocoupler feedback circuit, output rectifier filter, bias circuit and other parts. The power module can generally adapt the input voltage range of AC 85~265V or DC 100370V through the input rectifier filter, and the frequency is 47400Hz, and the general frequency is 50/60Hz. Because it has a small size, high integration, high cost performance and the best performance indicators, only the simplest peripheral circuit is required, with a small number of discrete components can be used. And has the advantages of high efficiency, high reliability, flexible design, etc., has become the optimal integrated circuit for the development and design of small and medium power switching power supply.


ABB KUC711AE01 3BHB004661R0001 is an excitation controller, mainly used in the excitation system of synchronous generators. The main function of the excitation system is to provide DC excitation current to the rotor of the generator to control and adjust the terminal voltage and reactive power of the generator. KUC711AE01 3BHB004661R0001 excitation controller as an important part of this system, by receiving and analyzing the signal from the sensor, according to the preset control strategy, accurately control the size and phase of the excitation current, so as to achieve the accurate regulation of the generator terminal voltage.

In addition to the basic excitation control functions, the KUC711AE01 3BHB004661R0001 excitation controller also has a variety of protection functions, such as overexcitation and underexcitation limiter, excitation current limiter, etc., to prevent damage to the generator due to abnormal conditions. In addition, it has a Power system stabilization (PSS) function, which can improve the damping of the power system and prevent possible undamped oscillations, thus ensuring the stable operation of the power system.

The KUC711AE01 3BHB004661R0001 excitation controller is also highly configurable and scalable, and can be customized and optimized according to different application requirements. At the same time, it also adopts advanced control algorithms and technologies to achieve more efficient and stable control performance.

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