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KOLLMORGEN S30301-NA servo driver

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This S200 position node servo drive is one of Kermogan’s highly acclaimed product family. This all-digital servo drive features a CANopen communication connection. These servo drivers are ideal for high-bandwidth network applications such as assembly lines or manufacturing. The S20250-CNS is the most advanced in this line of products. It is currently rated at 1.5A RMS Continuous and 4.5A RMS Peak. It has an input voltage of 120 volts AC doubler /240 volts AC 1 phase and is compatible with most industrial power grids.
This CANopen connection is possible in speed loop mode using 400 Hz bandwidth. The current loop operating at 3-5 KHZ and 24-bit high-resolution feedback adds to its appeal, making it one of the few products on the market with such versatility. In addition to these, this quality servo drive has many unique features: digital oscilloscope simulation, contour generation, and various safety features that extend its life. This S20250-CNS position nodula servo drive is the best of the best thanks to its advanced technology and compact build!


product description:

The KOLLMORGEN S30301-NA servo driver is a servo driver manufactured by Kollmorgen. The drive has specific parameters and features, such as the number of USB ports, resolution, power, power consumption, and update rate. These parameters and functions enable the KOLLMORGEN S30301-NA servo driver to meet the needs of specific industrial applications.


The ollmorgen S200 servo driver is the first fully digital industrial driver with a speed ring bandwidth of 800 Hz. These compact drivers offer simplified tuning and unmatched system throughput with high-resolution feedback and high-performance current loop bandwidth for smooth motion and fast response. Intelligent feedback devices with electronic motor nameplates allow plug and play debugging in most applications
This motion control industry is developing rapidly in the 21st century standard time century. Research and innovation are decisive factors shaping the automation industry. Kermogan is a major player in this highly competitive market, controlling sales with its top product line and high customer service standards. The company has over 100 years of automation experience and is known for its high-quality manufacturing facilities. It produces motion control solutions like engines, drives,AVG systems, and more.

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