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ICS Triplex T8850 Trusted 40 channel Analogue or Digital Output FTA

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ICS Triplex Trusted Fault-tolerant triple Redundant Programmable Control System hardware manual
ICS Triplex’s systems are widely used in aerospace, oil and gas processing, fine chemicals, offshore oil extraction, large power plants, large boiler management and compressor control.
The Trusted T8850 is a triplex processor-based system with a triplex fault-tolerant design for all important circuits inside. The Trusted T8850 ensures that the system fails internally
State, can still execute the program correctly. All modules in the system can be hot replaced online. This design allows the Trusted T8850 system to remain virtually online. Trusted
T6300 is used to handle all kinds of complex and dangerous production process control in real time, accept field signals, perform logic operations, PID and other control programs, output control signals, drive
Field execution unit. Applications for Trusted are written using IEC 61131 TOOL SET software.
The Trusted T8850 does this continuously and at high speed, enabling fast closed-loop data processing. If an internal failure occurs in the Trusted system, the failure passes through the table
The device is restricted. The widely distributed voting chips in the system ensure that any internal faults in the system will not be transmitted to the program processing process, and can accurately indicate the internal faults of the system
The location of the barrier. Each register and program controller votes the same way. All internal communication has a receiving circuit for communication verification.


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The T8850 AADvance controller checks its measured input values by continuously detecting possible calibration drift The AADvance controller checks its measured input values by continuously detecting possible calibration drift. The controller uses a variety of hardware to compare tw0 measurements. It is recommended that you perform this calibration drift check once every two years. 

The front panel comprises a fault containment region containing non-critical simplex functions separately from the other FCRs. These include the diagnostics port and maintenance enable key switch mounted on the front panel of the processor. Other functions within the front panel FCR are the serial communications drivers and the IRIG-B interface.Each of the processor and FCRs derive their internal voltages from dual redundant +24V dc power supplied via the module connector from the controller chassis backplane.

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