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ICS TRIPLEX T8431 Trusted TMR 24/48Vdc Digital Output Module

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Brand:ICS Triplex

Product Name:T8431

Product Orgin:UK

Warranty:One Year Warranty


Lead Time:2-3 Working Days

Shipping Weight: 2 Kg

High Light:24VDC ICS Triplex PLC, 16 Channel ICS Triplex PLC, 24VDC Digital Input Module

Contact Name: Anne
Telephone: +86 13328779317(Whatsapp)
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product description:

ICS TRIPLEX T8431 is a transmission module, and the following is the basic introduction of this product:

Function: ICS TRIPLEX T8431 is a high-performance serial transmission module, which is used to realize high-speed data transmission and communication between devices in PXI Express system. It supports many serial communication protocols, such as RS232, RS485 and RS422.

Performance: The module provides 8 channels, and each channel has an independent serial transmission interface. It supports high-speed data transmission, the highest rate can reach 3 Mbps, and has the characteristics of low delay and high reliability.


Interface and compatibility: ICS TRIPLEX T8431 module adopts PXI Express interface, which can be directly installed in NI PXI Express system. It is compatible with NI’s LabVIEW development environment, which is convenient for users to configure, control and process data.

Software support: The module is equipped with corresponding drivers and software tools, which enables users to configure and control conveniently. It also supports NI’s VISA (Virtual Instrument Software Architecture) interface, enabling it to be seamlessly integrated with other instruments and equipment.

Application field: ICS TRIPLEX T8431 module is widely used in data communication and control applications in various fields. It can be used in the fields of instrument control, automatic test, data acquisition and monitoring system, and provides high-speed and reliable data transmission and communication functions.



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