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HIMA X-AI3201 analog input module

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All models of the H41q system family feature control tasks in a five-unit high 19-inch subrack with integrated cables

The disk – controlled by one or two central modules, depending on the system model – is led by a microprocessor

– Two RS485 ports on the central module with a transmission speed of 57,600 basis points

– The central module generates a watchdog signal to turn off the testable output module as a shutdown mode fault

– One or two 24 V DC/5 V DC power modules for generating the voltage of the central module and the control unit’s 5 V DC operating voltage input/output module

– The battery is installed at the rear of the subframe and is used to buffer the sRAM area as well as the real-time clock on the central module

– Three 24 V DC power distribution modules for power fusing -ply for input and output

HIMA X-AI3201 Applies the Dark Horse SIS safety control system configuration module.


product description:

HIMA X-AI3201 is a specialized module from HIMA that is commonly used in industrial automation and process control systems for efficient and stable data transmission and communication. The module has a wide range of functions and features to meet the needs of complex industrial environments.

First of all, the HIMA X-AI3201 module has excellent communication capabilities and supports multiple communication protocols and interfaces, enabling seamless connection with various devices and systems. This enables it to easily exchange and share data in industrial automation systems, improving the overall system’s operating efficiency.

Secondly, the module has high reliability and stability, and has undergone strict quality control and testing to ensure stable operation in a variety of harsh industrial environments. Its excellent anti-interference ability and protective measures effectively reduce the risk of system failure and improve the continuity and safety of the production process.

In addition, the HIMA X-AI3201 module is easy to integrate and maintain. It uses standardized interfaces and designs that make integration into existing systems easy and fast. At the same time, the maintenance process is relatively simple, reducing the maintenance cost and time, and improving the overall system availability.





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The relevant stock series models are as follows:

HIMA K9203 K9203A 

HIMA  K9202 996920202  

HIMA K9203 996920302  

HIMA  K9203A 996920360

WOODWARD  9907-164  

WOODWARD 5453-203   

WOODWARD 9907-162 

WOODWARD  5453-277 

WOODWARD 5501-381     

WOODWARD 5453-279    

WOODWARD 5466-318   

WOODWARD 5466-425    

WOODWARD 5466-258     

WOODWARD  5501-470   

WOODWARD  5501-471 

ABB  PFEA111-20 3BSE028140R0020

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