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Hima F7131 Power Supply Monitoring With Buffer Batteries

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Place of Origin Germany

Brand Name:HIMA

Model Number:F7131

Minimum Order Quantity:1pc


Packaging Details:New and original factory, individual box packing

Delivery Time:5-7days

Payment Terms:T/T

Supply Ability:10pcs

Condition 100% New


Product Details:

The module F 7131 monitors the system voltage 5 V generated by the 3 power supplies max. as follows:

–3 LED-displays at the front of the module

– 3 test bits for the central modules F 8650 or F 8651 for the diagnostic display and for the operation within the user’s program

– For the using within the additional power supply (assembly kit B 9361) the function of the power supply modules in it could be monitored via 3 outputs of 24 V (PS1 to PS 3)


Hima F7131 Power Supply Monitoring With Buffer Batteries Distribution HIMA PLC Module 0

HIMA digital input module F3236
HIMA power distribution module F7133
HIMA Dark horse PLC module F7553
HIMA power supply F7126
HIMA power supply F7130A
HIMA digital input module F3221
HIMA digital input module F3222
HIMA digital input module F3223
HIMA digital input module F3224
HIMA digital input module F3236
HIMA digital input module F3237
HIMA digital input module F3238
HIMA digital input module F3240
HIMA digital input module F5203
HIMA digital input module F5220
HIMA input module F6208
HIMA input module F6214
HIMA input module F6215
HIMA input module F6216
HIMA input module F6216A
HIMA input module F6217
HIMA input module F6220
HIMA input module F6221
HIMA output module F3322
HIMA output module F3330
HIMA output module F3331
HIMA output module F3332
HIMA output module F3333
HIMA output module F3334
HIMA output module F3348
HIMA output module F3422
HIMA output module F3430
HIMA output module F6705
HIMA output module F6706
HIMA power monitor F7131
HIMA communication module F8621A
HIMA communication module F8627X
Central control module
HIMA Dark Horse CPU module F8650X
HIMA Dark Horse CPU module F8652X
HIMA bus connection module H7505
HIMA bus connection module H7506
HIMA relay module H4116
HIMA relay module H4122
HIMA relay module H4135
HIMA relay module H4136
HIMA safety relay H4135A

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