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GE VMIVME-2510B TTL input/output board

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Product description

The VMIVME-2510B is a 64-bit TTL input/output board that is a member of the VMIC supermodule family. The board has a number of compelling features and functions:

First of all, it supports the direction of each 8-bit port to be programmed separately, which means that users can flexibly configure the working direction of each port according to their needs, increasing the ease and flexibility of use.

Secondly, the VMIVME-2510B has a current filling capacity of up to 64mA (pull current of 15mA), which ensures stable operation of the board under high loads or complex application scenarios.

In addition, it has a separate board address decoding function for control and data registers, which helps to manage address resources more effectively in the system and improve the overall performance of the system.

For fault detection and isolation, the VMIVME-2510B has built-in test logic to support offline and online fault detection and isolation, which provides a strong guarantee for the stable operation of the system. The fault LED on the front panel can directly indicate whether there is a fault on the board. When the system is powered on or reset, the LED will light up. Once the board level diagnosis is successfully completed, the LED can be turned off, providing users with a convenient troubleshooting method.

In addition, the VMIVME-2510B also uses a highly reliable DIN type I/O connector to support 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit transmission, further improving its data transmission capability and stability.

Finally, in order to save memory and improve system efficiency, the VMIVME-2510B has designed a subsystem to configure continuous I/O addresses and allows the CSR address switch to be set so that all CSRS in the various boards in the system can be mapped to continuous memory locations.

In summary, the VMIVME-2510B, with its excellent performance, flexible configuration options and powerful fault detection capabilities, becomes a high-performance TTL input/output board suitable for a variety of complex application scenarios.

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