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GE IS420UCSBH1A Universal controller module

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Component number: IS420UCSBH1A

Manufacturer: General Electric

Country of Production: United States

Product type: UCSB controller module

Series: Mark VIe

The IS420UCSBH1A is a UCSB controller module developed by General Electric. UCSB controllers are standalone computers,

Can execute application-specific control system logic. Unlike traditional controllers, UCSB controllers do not carry any application I/O.

In addition, all I/O networks are connected to each controller, providing it with all input data.

The hardware and software architecture ensures that no single point of application input is lost if the controller loses power due to maintenance or repair.


product description:

IS420UCSBH1A is a controller module produced by GE General Electric, commonly used in industrial automation and control systems. The main functions of this module include executing control logic and processing input/output signals. Specifically, it can receive inputs of analog or digital signals and control the outputs of actuators or other devices. In addition, the module also has standard communication interfaces such as RS-485, Ethernet, or Profibus, which can exchange data and communicate with other devices or upper systems.
In practical applications, the IS420UCSBH1A module usually needs to be used in conjunction with other components, such as decentralized process control devices, operation management devices, and communication systems. These components work together to complete the control and monitoring functions of the system. In addition, to ensure the reliability and safety of the system, this module adopts a high reliability and safety circuit design and safety functions.
Overall, IS420UCSBH1A is a powerful and stable controller module suitable for various application scenarios that require high-precision control.

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