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GE IS220PTURH1A Turbine control module

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IS220PTURH1A is a special main trip package for the main turbine. This component provides an electrical interface between the turbine control terminal board and one or two Ethernet networks. The output of this battery pack is performed via a DC-62 pin connector connected to the relevant terminal board.

  The IS220PTURH1A is made of black housing with an air outlet. The front of the housing has multiple LED indicators, as well as an IR (infrared port). This port is not used in this package. Inside this enclosure, there is a processor board, a second board dedicated to turbine control, and an analog acquisition auxiliary board. The battery string is installed on the TTURH1C terminal board. The processor board features two 10/100 Ethernet ports, flash memory and RAM, a read-only chip for identification, an internal temperature sensor and a reset circuit.

IS220PTURH1A REV D Main functions:

  As a primary trip package for the primary turbine, this component connects the turbine control terminal board to one or two Ethernet networks via an electrical interface.

  With automatic reconfiguration, it can be automatically downloaded from the controller to the I/O package.

  With four passive magnetic speed inputs, the circuit sensitivity can detect a rotating gear speed of 2 RPM to monitor the rotating state of the turbine.

  IS220PTURH1A REV D Hardware specifications:

  It has a black case with air circulation holes, various LED indicators on the front of the case and a red emergency stop button.

  The processor board is equipped with two 10/100 Ethernet ports, flash memory, RAM, read-only chip, internal temperature sensor and reset circuit.

  It uses the QNX operating system and is equipped with a 667 MHZ Freescale 8349 processor.

  Powered by 12-watt, 18-36 V DC power supply, it can operate in a temperature range of 0 to 65 degrees Celsius without fan cooling.

  IS220PTURH1A REV D Electrical characteristics:

  Ac 220VAC power supply, suitable for driving permanent magnet AC servo motor.

  Integrated operation panel for system testing and driver status display.


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