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GE IS210AEPSG2BBA I/O adapter board

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Brand: GE 
Product Keywords: IS210AEPSG2BBA
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product description:

The GE IS210AEPSG2BBA I/O adapter board is an adapter board manufactured by General Electric (GE) for expanding and upgrading existing control systems. The following are the details and features of the adapter board:

Brand and Model:
Brand: GE (General Electric)
Product Description:
The IS210AEPSG2BBA adapter board is GE’s Genius I/O adapter board, which can connect the Genius I/O system with other systems to achieve efficient data transmission.
The adaptor board is programmable and can be customized according to specific application requirements.
Main features:
Compatibility: Compatible with the GE Genius I/O series, it can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of GE brand control systems and devices.
Scalability: I/O capacity can be expanded, making it easy for users to increase or decrease I/O points as needed.
Configurability: A set of 8 switches are used to configure the board to meet different configuration requirements.
Connectivity: Equipped with a 40-pin connector and a 26-pin connector, and a fixed clamp on the connector to ensure stable and reliable cable connection.
Data transmission: high-speed data transmission, suitable for a variety of applications.
Connection and installation:
The adapter board is connected to the strip cable through the 40-pin and 26-pin connectors. Pay attention to the position of the fixing clips during installation to ensure that the cable is securely connected.
When disconnecting the cable, you need to hold the connector part of the ribbon cable and pull it out of the board to reduce the pressure on the cable and help keep the wire connected.
Application field:
The IS210AEPSG2BBA adapter board can be used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications, such as manufacturing, energy and utilities, to meet the control and monitoring needs of different industries.

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