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GE IS200STAIH2ACB Embedded controller module

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Function description:

The IS200STAIH2ACB was created by General Electric or GE and is a component of the Mark VI series. The Mark VI, like other series before it, is part of the GE Mark family. Marking systems are used to manage and automate many functions of industrial gas and steam turbines. IS200STAIH2ACB is a device called DINrail board.

The IS200STAIH2ACB is a small printed circuit card or circuit board (PCB) with many different electronic components. One (1) large green, steady on terminal has been placed along the bottom edge of IS200STAIH2ACB. The terminal may have at least twenty-four (24) small metal parts called terminals. The terminals are silver and shaped like cubes. Right above this terminal, a long row of diodes has been lined up. These diodes are rectangular and black. Each is identified with an initial D, and fourteen (14) black potentiometers or variable resistors can be seen on the IS200STAIH2ACB. Ten (10) of them are arranged in a horizontal line extending to the center of the IS200STAIH2ACB. (4) The rest of the PCB is combined into a vertical line at the top right corner. Right next to these four (4) potentiometers is a black and white assembly with a metal pin called a jumper port. At least one (1) integrated circuit (device with independent component network) connected to the top IS200STAIH2ACB. One (1) long connector port is parallel to the top bezel of the IS200STAIH2ACB.


The controller module consists of at least one controller and a four-slot CPCI rack with one or two power supplies. The leftmost slot must contain the primary controller (slot 1). A single rack can accommodate a second, third, and fourth controller. During storage, the CMOS battery is unplugged via the processor board jumper to extend battery life. Reinstall the battery jumper when inserting the board. Refer to the individual UCCx module drawings for information on jumper location. CMOS RAM Settings, internal date, and real-time clock are all battery-powered. Since the BIOS has set the CMOS Settings to the default level, there is no need to change them. Just reset the real-time clock. The system NTP server or the ToolboxST application can be used to set the initial time and date.

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